You have Facebook and procrastinate for hours scrolling down your feed and refreshing, scroll, refresh, repeat. But did you know there is light at the end of the endless scroll, refresh, repeat boredom? Yes and it is in the form of Facebook groups.

Here is our list of the most useful Facebook groups for digital freelancers.

    1. WordPress Designers

      1. Social Media Managers

        1. Advanced WordPress

          1. WordPress, SEO, and Internet Questions

            1. WordPress for Business


              1. Do Online Business for Profit


                1. SEO


                  1. Social Media Marketing Mavens


                    1. Inbound Marketers


                      1. Search Engine Optimisation


                        1. SMM Promotions Group


                          1. Social Media


                            1. Social Media Strategies


                              1. Marketing and Networking


                                1. Biz Opps


                                  1. WordPress


                                    1. Social Media University


                                      1. Seo


                                        1. Social Media Marketing