A huge expansion in the domain name extension market is set to shake up web addresses forever.

No longer will users be limited by .coms, .co.uks or .nets. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) are implementing one of the largest expansions of domain names the web has ever seen.

What kinds of names will we see?

The range is huge and targets all sorts of people, from business owners, to bloggers, to restaurateurs, to photographers. Here’s a small sample of some of the names available:

.technology, .company, .training, .coffee, .menu, .recipes, .camera, .gallery, .guru, .voyage, .tattoo, .limo, .enterprises, .shoes, .diamonds, .photography, .tips

This is just a small portion of the beginning of these names. It is expected that thousands of new gTLDs will enter the marketplace over the next few years, leading to a big change in the web for customers and businesses.

Who will use these names?

These new domain name extensions are a great chance to claim the web address you really want but missed out on. Are you a company also called ICUK? Upset we’ve got your name? ICUK.company or ICUK.enterprises would be a great start to getting back your company name in your domain name.

There’s also a great opportunity to be creative here. Have you been running a recipe website with tasty treats to try at home? Try [yourname].recipes, or even the kind of recipes – proteinpacked.recipes, or healthy.recipes, even chocolate.recipes! Coffee shops have an obvious choice in .coffee and restaurants could update a spring.menu, summer.menu and Christmas.menu!

A full list of the new domain names can be found on the ICUK website, where you’ll also find an availability checker to secure your perfect web address. Prices start from just £15.

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  1. Not overly keen on these new domain name extensions. I think that people will start to become blind to anything which is not a .co.uk / .com / .org.uk domain extension.

    For example if you saw ICUK.company on a business card would you automatically register that it was a website address?

    By people I mean the general public who know nothing about domain name extensions. It’s like a postcode to them. Not 100% sure what each piece means.

    Maybe I am just being old. I guess that the younger generations will get used to it. It’s the current generations which may struggle with it.

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