Being out of the game and not writing articles, being active on social media and not reaching out to the community has meant that ENM has just been given a massive slap from Google.

Organic traffic from Google has dropped by 1500% in the last 6 months. Not great. All the lovely people who stumbled on to ENM via Google have pretty much disappeared. Check out the data from Google Analytics below:

Google organic traffic

Again, this drop is echoed in the Google Webmaster Tools search queries outline. Google has given us a double whammy knocking out ENM in terms of impressions (blue) and clicks (red).

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 03.30.11

There is a little glimpse in to how Google can take your beloved traffic and turn the tables on you in the matter of a few short months. A lot can be learnt from this and these are my takeaways.

1 – Google is a business and isn’t your friend. The traffic is not yours and you cannot rest on your laurels.
2 – Content is king. We all know that quality optimised content that is socially proofed is the key to success.
3 – In digital marketing everything is a learning experience. Mistakes and bad times are the key to success in the long run.